These are the confirmed speakers to date for Creatus Dominus V:

Raul Aguilera - Creatus Dominus

Raul Aguilera

Size fetish artist and commissioned illustrator who performs works within the subrames of illustrated pornography, from Hentai to Macrophilia. Everything with anime style.


Oscar Arenas - Creatus Dominus

Oscar Arenas

Copy and professor creativity by day, archeologist of nonsense things by night. He is a world-class expert in discovering useless facts on the net … and in recycling them for campaigns, talks or bar battles. Always say hello.


Raul Aguilera - Creatus Dominus

Raul Aguilera

Size fetish artist and commissioned illustrator who performs works within the subrames of illustrated pornography, from Hentai to Macrophilia. Everything with anime style.


Cruz Barón - Creatus Dominus

Cruz Barón

She is a graphologist, a Judicial Calligrapher and a professor, and will help you to understand in depth what typefaces convey.


Marta Bellvehí - Creatus Dominus

Marta Bellvehí

Il·lustradora nascuda a Palamós i resident a Barcelona. Moltes de les seves feines estan relacionades amb projectes culturals: portades de llibres, murals, cartells per a festivals, video-art, etc. També dóna tallers de dibuix i creativitat i li apassiona l’escriptura i el teatre.


Cris Busquets - Creatus Dominus

Cris Busquets

Designer specialized in digital product and branding. She has created uiFromMars, a platform where she teaches Sketch, UI and product. At Creatus Dominus Cris will teach a Sketch Masterclass where you’ll learn how to design and prototype an app.


Luisa Castelli - Creatus Dominus

Luisa Castelli

Graphic designer / creative / everything at Postdata since 2013. Micro-poetess and Usar y Tirar owner. Compulsive explorer of other artistic branches: pole dance, dance, shibari, art therapy, modeling, etc.


Alvar Fernández - Creatus Dominus

Alvar Fernández

Of bad habits, but nice manners.


Anónimo García - Creatus Dominus

Anónimo García

Graduated in Graphic Design at the London College of Communication and Audiovisual Communication at the UOC, Anónimo García is modern but spanish. Currently he teaches digital communication at IED in Madrid, and is a gunner of the ultra-modernist magazine Homo Velamine. More on his web.


Lula Gómez - Creatus Dominus

Lula Gómez

És feminista, animadora de stop motion i co-directora de La Academia de la Animación. Desde la seva sèrie “Eres una Caca” proposa a les dones apropiar-se de l’humor per soportar la lluita diària contra el masclisme.


Jaume González - Creatus Dominus

Jaume González

Marketing and business management expert. He teaches at EAD Sant Cugat, ESN, Esart and ESIC.


Ralph Monty - Creatus Dominus

Ralph Monty

(Terrassa, 1994) Graphic designer and amateur filmmaker awarded by Generalitat. He memorized first the logos of the television networks than the name of his parents.


David Martín - Creatus Dominus

David Martín

He has more than 10 years of experience designing digital products. Currently he is UX and Design Lead at Xtreamer. David is teacher at Universidad CEU San Pablo (Madrid) and has founded dsgnrs.io.


Bogidar Mascareñas - Creatus Dominus

Bogidar Mascareñas

Graphic designer specialized in typography. He is focused on customized typography and lettering projects, in Latin or Arabic alphabets. In 2016 he graduated from the master ‘Type and Media’ at the KABK in The Hague.


Dan Peisajovich - Creatus Dominus

Dan Peisajovich

Graduated in Advertising and Strategic Communication and natural redhead, Dan took his first steps working in advertising agencies in Argentina, apart from being a professor at the University of Buenos Aires. In Barcelona he worked at Proximity and Pavlov before founding Complot Escuela de Creativos.


Guillem Ramisa - Creatus Dominus

Guillem Ramisa

Digital Composer and CGI Artist since 2009. He has worked in advertising and cinema in several countries and for several clients. He has also worked as a professor of digital animation and digital production processes in schools and online platforms.


Motink Tattoo (Jonatan Arenas) - Creatus Dominus

Motink Tattoo

Motink Tattoo (Jonatan Arenas) is a tattoo studio founded in 2017 and located in Pallejà. They are specialised in realist black and white tattoos. To them, the art of tattoos is not a job, but a lifestyle.


Benja Villejas - Creatus Dominus

Benja Villejas

Writer, musician, ilustrator, producer and graphic designer. He is part of Navaja Suiza and La Perrera. He also wrote two books, ‘Huele como a espíritu postadolescente’ and ‘ELPASO, a punk story’.


Stay Weird - Creatus Dominus

Stay Weird

StayWeird is an illustration and design studio formed by LabRat and Javier Tierno. They make their way drawing monsters, cuquis things and fanzines without any grace.


Emma Wildlight - Creatus Dominus

Emma Wildlight

Advertiser by profession and photographer by nature. She’ll show you the art of capturing stolen moments, stored in your memory and in a camera.